Master Oil Spouts

Patented Sept. 14, 1926

Made with the original machines

Chrome Plated Spout with Dust Cover $15

Unplated dust covers $2.50 each

Chrome plated dust covers $3.50 each

Unplated Spout with Dust Cover $12

Here's one of the original machines that puts the knurl and threads on the base portion. It was originally driven by a line shaft but has now been converted to an electric motor.

Preparing the cone for assembly.

This is the machine that crimps the coned shaped portion of the spout together.


These spouts are made in the U.S.A by a "Master" craftsman Mr. Bill Lahr of Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Very special thanks to Mr. Paul Fischer of Andover, Minnesota for his work in restoring the tooling and the machines.


Mobiloil Filpruf Spout shown here

Dust Cover for Filpruf Spout $4 ea.

Photo copies of the original patent $4 (5 pages)

Standard Oil Spout shown here

Unplated dust covers for Standard Oil spouts $2.50 each

Chrome plated dust covers for Standard Oil spouts $3.50 each

These are smaller than Master dust covers