Eco Air Meter Parts

Eco 93 and Eco 97 and Eco 98 Air Meter Parts

Covering Eco Model 93, Eco Model 96, Eco Model 97 & Eco Model 98

The emblem, bezel, scuff plate & hook along with a number of other parts shown here are being made in the USA with tooling that I own. Others are carrying chromed parts, covers & housing frames being made overseas. I have found it necessary to raise prices on basically all parts that require chroming!

The choice is yours...


Eco Chromed Emblem with black line. Back side is drilled and tapped - $45


Eco Chromed Bezel - $60

Made using the original 1947 tooling. Drilled and tapped on the back as it is supposed to be!


Eco Chromed Scuff Plate with black lines- $45

Made using the original 1947 tooling. Drilled and tapped on the back.


Eco Chromed Hose Hook- $35


Eco Chrome Crank with moveable knob - $45 (specify brass or chrome knob).


Eco Glass $15 (made like the orignals not just silk screened on glass as others sell)

Rubber to mount glass $2

25' Hose - Specify Black or Red $38

Made like the originals with a spring on one end and 1/4" NPT fittings.

Long Chuck $8 or Short Chuck $4 


Eco Data Plate $10 or $12 (Brass)

I can add your serial number etc. for $5

Brass Drain Plug with Nipple $20 or

Chrome Plated $35

 Original Style Brass Hose Coupler $15 or Chrome Plated $30



Face Model 93/97/98

Specify two wheel face $24 or

three wheel face $28

Vinyl Decal Set $6 


The 'Original' Eco 98 Cast Iron Pedestal Mount $55. Helps prevent tipping!

"Eco" and "Tireflator" are cast into the base. Shown painted for emphasis. Approx 16 pds. I see a Canadian vendor AND a Pennsylvania vendor copied my design. No originality or ethics shown on their part...


Complete Pedestal -Out of stock right now

(not primed as shown)

Inside tie pipe available separately $20

(not primed as shown)

Outside Tube available separately $45

(not primed as shown)


Cast iron base - Oout of stock

(not primed as shown)

Cast iron access (utility) door $25 (not primed as shown)


Cast iron flange $35 or $50 (drilled and tapped for 1/2" NPT)

Water Hose Hook $40

Eco 97 Wall Mount Bracket

Cast Iron $90

Eco 97 Wall Mount Lower Cover $15

Stainless Steel Screw Kit $8

Eco "Air" globe $95 & holder $80

Mounts on top of housing frame

For indoor use only

You may substitute any mini globe

Eco Main Valve NLA

Plastic lines below valve $8 ea.

Rebuilding kit (4 pc) $8


Retainer (lower plug) with O-Rings $16


Lever Arm $60

Includes spring, lock nut & screw

Pin for Lock Lever with clips - NLA


Bell $8

Clapper $12

Shoulder screw for clapper $5 


Plastic Lock Lever $10

The metal lock lever was discontunued in the 1980's.


Roller Lever Spring $8(top)

Motor Lever Spring $10 (mdl)

Hose Hook Spring $7 (bottom)

Housing frame gasket $2 ea (takes two)

Strainer cover gasket $3 (middle part shown)

Diaphragm $6 (lower part shown here)


Replacement light kit $12 OR --->

(Includes bracket & socket)


Replacement light kit & socket reusing your original bracket (shown in the background) $12

Upper & Lower rear cover brackets $9 ea

They are not interchangeable

 Bearing bushing $3.50

Screw & gear assembly $50

Transfer pinion shaft $11.25 (top)

Number wheel shaft & gear $40

NOS Shot lengthener - NLA

Locking pawl $12

Locking pawl spring N/A right now

Transfer pinion gear $4 each

Motor diaphragm plunger - out of stock

Inflator diaphragm plunger - out of stock

Nut, ring & pin assembly $17.50

Wheel shaft collar & set screw $7

Strainer Cover & Filter $40 (Redesigned but works fine)


NOS Strainer cover (no filter) $20

Inside Back Cover $10

Made using the original 1947 tooling


Eco 93 Cast Iron Base- NLA

Eco 93 Cast Iron Hose Guide Case $90

Eco 93 Cast Iron

Hose Outlet Bezel $20 or $28 bronze

Eco 93 Wood Rollers with correct shape $4 ea. or $10 ea. solid brass

(These are not the same as the Islander)

Eco 93 Connector (brass) $30

This goes where the hose connector would normally go on a 97 or 98

Eco 93, 94, 95, 97 & 98 Parts Breakdown $6

Eco Service Bulletins from 1948 to 1955 - $12

Has detailed drawings of parts and how to fix them. 13 pages

Eco "Modern Shop Equipment" 1953 shows Model 32W, 94, 95, 97, 98 & 244AWT - $8


Color Copies - 1947 Sales Brochure $25 (20 pg.)

Covers Models 32, 32W, 93, 94, 97 & 98


Color Copies - 1953 Sales Brochure $16 (8 pg.)

Covers Models 32, 32W, 93, 94, 95, 97 & 98

Tireflator Field Service Kit Brochure $6 (color copy)

Color copies - 1947 "Instructions, Operation, Maintenance & Merchandising" (26pg.) $25

Covers Models 93, 94, 97 & 98

If you couldn't find what you need please send me an email.