Coin Operated Lighter Fluid Dispenser Parts - Including Van-Lite, Dayton Fill-Ur-Liter (Bell Boy Junior), British Fillalita & others

Many of these parts are New Old Stock (NOS)

New Base $50

Suction Cups (4 needed) $2 ea

NOS Lock and Key- Out of stock. Keys for Yale or the lock shown above $10 each. Specify which brand of lock you have.

Replacement Glass $28

Decal $10 (Copy of an original)

Decal $10 (Copy of an original)

NOS Top Cap (Acorn Nut) $20

NOS & Used Site Glass $20

NOS Fuel Tube $15

NOS Operating Lever $20

Mounting Screw $1

NOS Coin Reciever $20

Mounting Screws $.50 each

NOS Filler Cap $15

NOS Coil Spring for Bellows $10

NOS Spring for Operating Lever $10

NOS Interior Levers $8 ea. & Bar $5

NOS Operating Arm & Lever $15

New Replacement Diaphragm $15

Not to be used with flammable liquids

NOS Feeder Tube for Fuel $8

Gasket for Tank $2 ea.(takes 2), Pump Frame $2 & Site Glass $1


Check Valve Nut $2, Check Valve Bolt $2, Nut for Tank Support $1

Copy of photo showing all the parts $1

Copy of "Instructions for Dismantling" $1

Copy of "Lighter Filling Station- Parts List" $2

I also have lots of small parts for Van-Lite dispensers. Let me know what you need.

Push Button for Dayton Bell Boy Junior - $18

Cast Iron base for British Fillalita $35