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Covering Eco Islander Model 242, Eco Islander Model 244, Eco Islander Model 246

For exterior chrome see Eco 90 Series Parts


Islander Scuff Plate Brass Tag $12 (scuff plate sold separately)


"Eco Islander " Plastic Badge $20

These are a copy of the original!

Islander On/Off Stainless Steel Lever (replaces hose hook) $12

Islander Cast Iron Top Plate $120 all holes are drilled and tapped

Islander Cast Iron Adapter Ring $30 all holes drilled

Islander Cast Iron Gooseneck $200 all holes are drilled and tapped

Islander Sheet Metal Front Door $35

Islander Hose Roller Outlet Bezel $40 (drilled and tapped)

Islander Hose Outlet Plate $7.50

Islander Wood Rollers

$4 ea (correct size & shape) or

$10 ea (solid brass)

Islander Base Covers - $120/set These are NOT an exact copy of the originals but will work just fine. They are sheet metal and not cast aluminum as others sell

Islander Stainless Steel Panel Screws

$.30 each (20 needed)


Islander Lower ID Tag $12

Water Hose (20' 8") & Ball Stop $30 Black or $35 Red

Air Hose (26') & Ball Stop $35 Black or $40 Red

Brass fitting on one end only (specify red or black Hoses)

Correct Style Round Rubber Ball Hose Stop used on the hoses to the left - $6 each



Water Filler $20

Long Chuck $8 or Short Chuck $4 


Eco Islander Parts Breakdown $9

Eco Islander Service Bulletins $12

Eco Islander Sales Brochure $16 (color copy)

Islander Installation and Operating Instructions $10 (color copy)

Tireflator Field Service Kit Brochure $6 (color copy)

Eco "Modern Shop Equipment" 1953 shows Models 32W, 94, 95, 97, 98 & 244AWT - $8 (color copy)

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