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Gallon Markers for Fry (Guarantee Measure) & other Pumps

Stainless steel external markers (left) or Stainless steel internal markers(right)

No longer available

Visi gage spinners for Wayne 40, 40A, 800, 851, 853 & Milwaukee clock face pumps. Left to right $38, $42, $25 & $78. Wayne spinners are made of aluminum with brass ends while the Milwaukee (right) is made of stainless steel with a brass rod.

Nozzle rest (fork) for Tokheim 34 & 36

$60 each

Nozzle rest (fork) for Tokheim 36B

$40 each

NOBODY makes one better than this one!

Site glass for National A38 & B38 $15 each

These are made of borosilicate glass and not soda lime glass.

Brass Gallon Markers on a Brass Rod for Visible Pumps $70 each

Please specify cylinder length so I can supply you with the correct rod length

Aluminum Gallon Markers on an Aluminum Rod $60 each

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